Science: men and women fall in love differently

Science: men and women fall in love differently

You have long been familiar with this phenomenon from observations of loved ones: one girlfriend is so amorous that she loses her head at first sight and blows about it at every corner, reducing all conversations to the object of feelings, and reaches the other later than all friends, colleagues, acquaintances and relatives, that she has long been falls in love.

An obvious truth that no one can dispute: not everyone falls in love the same way, and this also applies to men. You must admit that those whom you have already met (and loved) have pretty much differed in understanding, recognition and expression of feelings.

Nevertheless, scientists, great lovers to classify and generalize everything, found that there are similar trends characterizing gender differences in matters of love. The main conclusions report several amazing insights and patterns that you should familiarize yourself with so that the amorous manifestations of the opposite sex will not be a big surprise for you. It turns out that there is nothing strange in that…


Seriously, except for jokes, although this fact at first raises doubts and exhausts of sarcasm. It would seem that women falls in love with the speed of light and immediately tell friends and colleagues about this, but researchers say that in fact, feelings for someone develop faster in men. Pennsylvania State University scientists based this verdict on psychological surveys at Borough of Manhattan Community College, linking theses of the respondents with evolutionary theory.

Women from prehistoric ages accumulated an instinctive need in DNA to protect themselves and their offspring, which still dictates us caution when choosing a partner. That is why we carefully weigh with whom to be and to whom to admit feelings. Male attachment is initially driven by a smaller set of requirements,

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A study at BMCC College also confirmed that women need more time not only to accept their feelings, but also to declare them an object of love. Men are not confused on meditations and weighing, therefore they quickly admit their feelings. Psychologists also noted an interesting point characteristic of the beginning of a relationship: a man is ready for “I love you” earlier, and women more often, as soon as the coveted phrase first flies from their lips. In addition, this phrase is much more important for women than for men.


According to the studies of the Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership at Texas Tech University, typical female behavior is to fall in love, and then mobilize all resources, or rather, selflessly break into a cake, convincing the chosen one that he will be fine only with you. You cannot easily get rid of our love (demonic laughter). Men are known to be less concerned about constancy, falls in love faster, and also much more often.


According to scientists, the fact that women, when choosing a partner, are indulgent in appearance, showing much more interest in internal values ​​and character traits, is also associated with evolutionary biology. In the end, even today, few will dispute that much more important is a hardy, caring, strong, generous, always ready to support and protect, loving and loved, than all these cubes on the press and a bewitching smile.