The Benefits and Side Effects of Acupuncture Treatments?

The Benefits and Side Effects of Acupuncture Treatments?

Medical treatments vary in different aspects. They can include diverse methods to perform the same treatment and include innovative technologies. But it also leaves us with a question: does new technology bring side effects with it. For example, Avin Patel is a Leicester based acupuncturist, who uses acupuncture treatment to relieve pain in the back area of his patient body and you could check his treatment process here But researchers do not know yet the exact correction methods.

They also cannot predict if the theory will go correctly and you will relieve pain. The method to treat back pain is different, and sub-categories do exist. But the bigger picture and branch is what you know as acupuncture. This can bring benefits and side-effects likewise so we ensure that you must stick to this read till the end. Another important feature is how you can get this treatment done since different methods are present.

How is Acupuncture Done? 

At first, you will need to consult an acupuncturist when you find that pain in your back needs serious treatment. Sometimes, the pain can easily go away with painkillers and gentle physical treatments. Anyhow, your concerned professional will begin with a physical examination of your body and then decide what you need. The process of acupuncture involves using needles to insert them in the areas of concern or where you feel the pain. This process can vary and go wrong since the feeling sensation is going to come from your side. And if you fail to guide your acupuncturist, the method will be a waste. 

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Your medical professional will insert the needles within your body where the pain troubles you. These needles will remain in the designated areas for around 15 minutes. And your total session can last for about half an hour. But again, there will be different technologies that will aid your acupuncture treatment. For this, your medical guide can bring the following technologies into the account:

  • Moxibustion

Although the primary tool is the needle that goes into your body, there needs to be additional treatment. This happens with the use of herb sticks that are heated and held close to the needles. 

  • Electroacupuncture

Different methods exist to stimulate the needles exerted into your body. This is to improve the effects of the needles. The following method involves giving a short electric current to the needles. 

  • Cupping 

Cupping is popular among Muslims and does not involve current or heated sticks. Instead, a plastic cup is used to offer suction for your skin while the needles remain inside the body.   

Health Benefits of Acupuncture 

There is no medical treatment that exists without helping and easing your body. Acupuncture is mainly used to relieve stress and pain that occurs in your back. Normally, this method helps to ease the pain that happens around your backbone. But different other benefits come along with the use of acupuncture. 

  • Lower Back Pain 

As explained earlier, your lower back pain is the first thing that acupuncture offers its treatment. There happen to be very few treatments that can effectively cure your pain. But acupuncture offers to lessen your pain, so your mobility returns almost back to normal. 

  • Migraine 
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Migraine is another painful experience that can cause stress to elevate and make you suffer at work. For this, you need to rely on acupuncture which happens to be effective. Studies further show that 41% of people find a cure through acupuncture for migraine in comparison.  

  • Tension Headaches 

A primary difference between these headaches and ones resulting from migraine is that the former is through stress. Stress-relieving is the root cause that brings acupuncture its importance. The method is ideal for relieving your stress and easing your mind. 

  • Knee Pain 

Pain in the knees can cause your mobility. But researchers say that treatment in your lower back can cause your knees to be free from pain. For this, we make sure that acupuncture is the only way forward for you. 

Drawbacks of Acupuncture 

Where acupuncture happens to be the source of relieving the pain in your back. It also eases your stress and anxiety, so you work freely. But everything comes at a cost, and you need to be aware of this. People going for acupuncture can suffer from some of the following side effects:

  • Bleeding is common when the needle is entered into your body. It can also trigger painful effects in your body. With more needles, the effects will multiply. 
  • Nausea is a common side-effect that happens with acupuncture. 
  • Different infections also happen once the session ends. Most of these are related to your skin whereas other ones can also develop. 
  • Rashes in your skin are additional side effects that people have to deal with. Mostly, they result from needle insertion and itching that develops. 
  • Some allergic reactions are also triggered by the process of acupuncture. 
  • Dizziness is another reaction that can come along with acupuncture, but this one can be minimal.