7 Most Simple Workouts For Overweight People

7 Most Simple Workouts For Overweight People

The thought of exercises can be daunting for some people. Making dietary changes is not easy too. So the first requirement before starting any exercise program is to accept the present conditions and feel confident that you can get fit and healthy. Also, one has to be aware that the main reason behind obesity is expending fewer calories than consumption levels for a prolonged duration. Though one may not get immediate results, exercising elevates the mood and makes you feel better. Here are a few simple exercises for obese people.


Undoubtedly, walking tops the list of the best exercises. You do not require any special equipment and can start strolling around the neighborhood. It improves the mobility of the lower body. Initially, you may have short walks for five to ten minutes. Slowly increase the duration up to 30 minutes. 

After getting used to walking, you can also join a group of friends or family members. If you own a pet dog, start walking with it. In some time, the pets themselves will remind you of the walking time.  Usually, walking is safe; if you experience any knee or back while walking, consulting a healthcare professional will help.

Climbing Stairs

Once walking becomes comfortable for you, you can start climbing stairs. Here the body has to work against gravity. Thus, it helps you burn more calories than brisk walking. Going up and down improves blood circulation, especially the blood movement from the lower body part to the heart. Thus, climbing is beneficial for cardiovascular health, as well. 


It helps in working out the core muscles and improves digestion. Climbing strengthens the muscles at the foot and ankle, which in turn improves your balance. You will have to start slowly, climb a few stairs, and practice easy rhythmic breathing. One should avoid chest breathing during exercises to avoid any physical stress. 

 Use the Exercise Ball

Exercise ball or physioball is an excellent choice that can help work your muscles. It helps strengthen the core muscles in your body and enhances stability. The back and deep abdomen muscles nourish the spine discs and ease activities such as lifting, bending, running, throwing, etc. Thus they could prevent accidents and injuries at home or work. One has to choose an exercise ball of the correct diameter and weight capacity. 

For beginners, an exercise ball with a stabilizer ring is suitable. They also come with resistance bands. You can sit on the ball, do leg raise, half squats, and practice the stretch exercises. The advantage here is, along with the limbs, you can work on the core too. Once you get comfortable, you can start advanced muscle toning exercises. Those wishing to have a well-built body can incorporate dietary changes and include steroid routines like Ibutamoren Canada.   

Stretch Exercise

Stretching exercises enhance the flexibility in the joints. These can help you carry out lifting or bending based day-to-day activities. There are different forms of stretch exercises, and you can try them out without getting bored.

  • In the beginning, you can sit straight on a chair and raise your knee and stretch your leg forward. Repeat it for both the legs.
  • Sit on the floor, keep one leg stretched in front of you, fold the other leg towards the body. 
  • Stretch both the legs out in a V shape while sitting down and lean your hip forward.
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Once comfortable with simple exercises, you can start using kettlebells and dumbbells for squat. Similarly, cable devices for leg stretching expend more energy and help you burn more calories.

Water Aerobics

When we immerse the body in water, we feel lighter due to the effect of buoyancy. Water exercises are low-impact, and there are lesser chances of getting muscle strains. They are also considered more effective, as the resistance to body movements is more. 

Those who find swimming exhausting can try more straightforward exercises such as water-walking and aqua jogging. Initially, start walking sideways with chest-deep water. Then, you can switch to a deep pool, wear a buoyancy belt, and start jogging. It is advisable not to keep the foot on the pool floor while moving forward. Water exercises are fun, and you can join a group or a club to make it more exciting.

Stationary bike:

Cycling is one of the best exercises. But being overweight, balancing can be a little challenging initially. Thus, stationary bikes are safer alternatives. Moreover, you can do the pedaling at home at your own pace.   

The recumbent bikes have a reclining backrest, so you could lie and take a rest in between. People suffering from back pain often find them suitable. 


To have a healthy body, you require a healthy mind. Gladly, yoga caters to both aspects simultaneously. Some yogic practices improve balance, flexibility and also reduce stress and anxiety. You can start with simple poses like savasana, mountain pose, child’s pose, etc. In the beginning, it is advisable not to force the body into painful positions. It is essential to adhere to breathing instruction while doing the poses.

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Final Thoughts:

People who are overweight are more prone to diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart ailments, depression, etc. These diseases are often lifestyle diseases as they are the outcome of leading a sedentary life. Thus, dietary changes alone cannot make one lose weight and become healthy. Exercising is equally essential. If you find it boring, you can join exercise classes to keep up the tempo.