How to Tell if You Actually have a Slow Metabolism

How to Tell if You Actually have a Slow Metabolism

Maybe I have a problem with my thyroid. I’m pretty stressed right now, I have a slow metabolism… 

All excuses we tell those around us and ourselves when we are dieting and not losing weight. 

Many times we say the above to hide the fact that in reality, we do not follow the instructions of our dietitian faithfully. But there are also excuses that have a basis. We will deal with the most common: slow metabolism. 

Here are some signs that will show you if he is indeed responsible for your unsuccessful attempts to lose weight.

1. You’re Constantly Tired

With your body burning energy at a slower rate, you will surely feel tired often. In addition to weight problems, fatigue is the most common sign of slow metabolism, says Heather L. Hofflich, DO, endocrinologist, and professor of medicine at UC San Diego.

2. You have dry skin

When the metabolism is slow, the cells are not as active as they should be, which means that they do not receive the proper blood supply. “As the skin does not acquire vital nutrients … it loses its luster,” says Dr. Alam, a general practitioner at a Clinic.” Also, as your body tries to retain heat, it doesn’t sweat that much. This can affect the skin, leaving it to be dry and damaged.

3. You have brittle nails

For the same reasons, your nails may be brittle and constantly broken, as Susan Besser, MD, points out.

4. You got hair loss

A slow metabolism can affect the hair’s ability to grow and regenerate, according to Dr. Alam.

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5. You Have Frequent Headaches

When thyroid hormones go crazy, which happens with an underactive thyroid, you may have headaches or even migraines.

6. You get cold all the time

It is a symptom of hypothyroidism, which also slows metabolism. If you get cold all the time, it is very likely that the thyroid and metabolism are not as active as they should be. “Heat is created by the metabolic activity of the body,” says Dr. Alam. A slow metabolism can lead to a decreased body temperature, he says, which is another sign of hypothyroidism.

7. You’re constantly feeling sad

Depression has been linked to a slow thyroid and consequently to slow metabolism.

8. You Don’t Feel Like Having Sex

Low levels of thyroid hormone could also mean low levels of other hormones, such as testosterone, which can affect your mood for sex.

9. You’re Having Trouble Losing Weight

A slow metabolism can make you gain weight, but it can also make it difficult for you when you want to lose it, even if you are paying attention to your diet. According to Dr. Alam, you may find it difficult to lose weight despite your balanced diet.

10. You Have a Bad Memory

Low levels of thyroid hormone, which regulates metabolism, can cause poor memory, but also make you forget all the time.

There are herbs that can help you speed up your metabolism naturally like cinnamon and black pepper. More herbal remedies can be found in the popular ebook The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies written by Dr. Nicole Apelian.