Ill Twist the Neck of a Sweet Dog

Ill Twist the Neck of a Sweet Dog

Man’s Best Friend: How to Take Care of Dogs Properly, ill twist the neck of a sweet dog.

What should you think about before getting a pet, how to properly train an animal and what kind of food to choose? These and other questions are answered by metropolitan veterinarians and psychologists

Before you get a pet, you should evaluate your capabilities, as this pet should be given a lot of attention. Dogs of almost all breeds require high activity from the owner. We’ll have to find time for games and long walks. Otherwise, the animal may develop hypodynamia and obesity. Therefore, it is necessary to walk with a pet at least twice a day. At home, you need to wash the paws, tail and stomach of the animal. This is done without the use of special tools. In this case, the coat after bathing should be dried. In spring and summer, dogs should be carefully examined for ticks.

According to psychologists, a dog in a family can positively influence the emotional atmosphere, provide owners with a state of mental well-being, and form an adequate attitude towards the world around them and animals. In addition, the pet is able to help in the prevention of fears, anxiety, neurosis, insomnia.

“If you have a dog, then you will never be bored. They are excellent companions for walks at any time of the year and day, they are always ready to play or have a snack with you, you can tell them about your hardships or share your joy, dogs can comfort, hug and heal, help with the housework and protect their owners, ”

Food and well-being

For those who want to have a pet, it is important to evaluate the living conditions. Will having a dog in the house cause discomfort or conflict with family members and other animals? The pet also needs its own corner, where no one will disturb it during the rest.

It is important to decide on the nutrition of the dog. You can use both natural and factory feed. Alternate or mix them should not be, as this can cause digestive problems. It is strongly not recommended to feed the dog food from the table.