Is smoking killing the planet?

Is smoking killing the planet?

Over recent years, people have started becoming more eco-conscious about how their lifestyle can potentially cause harm to the planet. There is no surprise that many people have been delving into the effects smoking is having on the environment.

In this article, we explore how smoking is bad for the environment, and if vaping is a better alternative for those wanting to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle. We all have a duty in saving the planet by living in the most environmentally friendly way possible. By working together, we can all do our bit to help our planet heal.

The Life Cycle of Tobacco

Throughout the life cycle of tobacco, there is a clear threat to the environment. Tobacco causes damage in the farming stages right through to consumption and beyond. Tobacco farming has led to the destruction of the rainforest and increased greenhouse emissions, which has a key role in climate change. The soil where tobacco is grown is left weak, turning fertile land into deserts.

Every time someone smokes a cigarette; the air is filled with chemicals, contributing to air pollution. The particles in the polluted air can cause extreme health conditions from asthma, lung cancer, to lung disease. However, the smoker isn’t the only person at risk here. Second-hand smoke is also harmful, especially to elderly people and children.

When cigarettes are binned, they end up in landfill. The cigarette filters do not fully biodegrade and instead, they simply break down into small plastic pieces. This plastic then causes around 7,000 toxins and chemicals to be released into the soil and water.

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Are Electronic Cigarettes More Eco-Friendly than Smoking?

While smoking has an undeniable role in deforestation, air pollution, and health issues, we cannot yet confirm how safe vaping is for your health. There has been no identified health risk for those who vape. However, we can be sure that the vapour that is produced by e-cigarettes contains much fewer chemicals.

The growing vaping industry has not been around for long enough for us to understand the full effects vaping has on our health and the environment. Until scientific research has been conducted, recommendations and regulations cannot be put in place. While we wait for research, it is our duty to behave in an eco-friendly way when vaping.

Eco-Friendly Vaping Tips

Reduce Single-Use – If you frequently vape, you should not be using single-use or disposable vaping devices. Instead, opt to use a refillable device to save on waste.

Carbon Footprint – Before you next purchase a vape, you should look into an eco-friendly vaping device that comes with a lower carbon footprint. Check with suppliers on where their products are bought from. You should consider only purchasing ones that have been manufactured in the UK, as they involve no air shipping.

Battery Waste – While vaping device batteries are often long-lasting, when you need to buy a new battery you should recycle the old one. Instead of putting the battery in your general waste bin, locate your nearest battery recycling bin so the materials can be reused. You can find battery recycling bins in many supermarkets, local recycling centres, and libraries.

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The Environmental Impact

Overall, the effects of vaping have not yet been confirmed through research. However, while we wait for thorough research to be conducted and for regulations to be updated to reflect the findings, we should follow tips on how to be more eco-friendly. By switching to e-cigarettes, you can not only reap the health benefits but also have peace of mind that you are saving our planet.