Moringa: An Asian Wonder Leaf with Multiple Health Benefits

Moringa: An Asian Wonder Leaf with Multiple Health Benefits

The greenery of nature has always bestowed multiple benefits on humankind. One such green wonder is Moringa which is also known as drumsticks in English and many other names across the world. This tree is native to India but is found in abundance across other parts of Asia and Africa as well. Not only the leaves, but its roots, stems, flowers, pods, and even barks are put into some kind of use for their numerous health benefits.

The superfood moringa is the key ingredient of the Ayurvedic Medicinal System since olden times. Now they are easily available as dietary supplements in the form of capsules, oils, powder, tea, and drops. You can order ayurvedic medicines online and get them delivered at your doorstep.

Discover the power house of nutrients

Moringa is considered as one of the miraculous and nutrient-rich trees on earth. They are highly nutritious and a rich source of calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc. They have antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antidepressant properties. They are also packed with several antioxidants, protein, dietary fiber, and vitamin A, B, C, and K.

Its richness is a blessing for almost ever part of our body. Let’s get to know how it leaves a healthy impact on our body organs.

This is what moringa does to your heart

Your heart needs to beat in a rhythm and get flow of unobstructed blood. This happens when the pressure in your blood vessels is maintained and there are no plaque deposits in the arteries. Moringa does it all for you.

It helps to reduce the level of lipids and bad cholesterol which can block blood vessels and cause heart attack or stroke. Moringa powder and extracts are rich in fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and antioxidants which support heart health. Moderate consumption of moringa powder tea also helps in maintaining a healthy blood pressure level.

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Your hair and skin will thank Moringa

Who does not want a silky strong mane and a vibrant skin? It is possible when you feed your skin internally to reflect its effect visually outside.

Moringa has antifungal and antibacterial properties which help in treating skin and hair infections. Protein, vitamin A, E, and powerful antioxidants present in moringa reduce the aging process and provide healthy, glowing and shiny skin. Moringa leaves’ extract or moringa seeds’ oil, when applied to the scalp, reduce dandruff and strengthen the hair follicles. What you get is strong, breakage-free and unfrizzy hair.

Detoxify your body

Moringa leaves or powder in the form of juice, smoothie, and shake eliminates toxic substances that detoxify the body and make it an ideal supplement for supporting liver and kidney health. The polyphenol present in moringa protects the liver from damage and fibrosis. It also helps in reducing medication side effects and also in stabilizing liver and kidney functions properly.

Manage Diabetes with Moringa

Consuming whole moringa leaves or its powder is an effective way to treat or manage diabetes. Its rich and powerful phytochemicals help in reducing the amount of glucose in the blood and lower the risk of diabetes and its complications. Consumption of drumstick or moringa pod is also known to improve gall bladder functions which plays a crucial role in regulating blood glucose levels.

Keep your eye sight sharp with Moringa

Moringa leaves are loaded with vitamin A (beta-carotene), lutein, and zeaxanthin which contribute healthy eye vision and prevent eye problems. The antioxidant “flavonoid” present in moringa helps in preventing the development of cataracts. Vitamin A which is a key nutrient for a healthy immune system and cell growth is also found in abundance in these leaves.

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Speed up your weight loss program with Moringa

Are you looking for some sustainable weight loss that is healthy too? Moringa can come to your rescue with its gradual support in weight loss along with many other health benefits. It has fat-burning ability which helps in burning stubborn belly fat that you always wanted to get rid of. The rich amount of dietary fiber keeps your stomach full for a longer time, reduces cravings for food, supports the digestive system and maintains a healthy metabolism. Moringa juice, moringa tea, and moringa leaves in recipes show rapid results in weight loss. Those who don’t have access to fresh moringa leave can rely on ayurvedic stores online to buy it in powder form. Try it once!

How to use moringa:

Prepare the weight loss juice – In a blender jar add ¼ cup of fresh moringa leaves or ½ -1 tsp of moringa powder and 1 glass of water. For leaves, you need to grind it for few seconds. Now pour the green juice in a glass, add few drops of lemon juice and 1 tsp honey (adding honey is totally optional). Have this juice in an empty stomach in the morning or 1-hour post meal every day for the best results. 

Sip the tasty moringa tea – In a pan, heat 1 ½ cup of water and add small pieces of cinnamon stick and ½ inch of grated ginger. Now boil the water for 2-3 minutes then switch off the flame and add few fresh or dried moringa leaves or ½ tsp moringa powder. Mix it well and keep the pan covered for 5 more minutes. Sieve the tea into a cup. Drink warm moringa tea at least 2 times a day or after 1 hour of any meal for better results. 

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Recommended amount

Consuming moringa on a daily basis is completely safe, but the amount varies from person to person. The ideal quantity for a beginner is 1-2 teaspoon or 5-10 grams per day. Children must be above the age of 1 year to start consuming moringa leaves or homemade powder. 

Side effects

We all have different body types giving different response to any food. That is why the side effects of any food also never remain the same. However, the common side effects of moringa leaves or moringa powder include stomach upset, loose motions, nausea, and vomiting. Excessive consumption on a regular basis can also increase the risk of kidney and liver damage. The harmful side effects of moringa bark, fruit, and pulp may include rapid low sugar levels, sluggish heart rate, and low blood pressure. It is always recommended to consume moringa in limited or prescribed quantity.