If not for this holiday, millions of people would never have known how it is to be the celebration birthday. All smart, congratulate, give you gifts, wish all the best and fulfill all desires. We all remember our childhood, when mothers bought cakes, lit several candles and asked you to blow them out. You made a wish, puffed out your cheeks and tried to extinguish all the lights with one “blowing.”

The traditions that you are accustomed to from an early age carry over to the next generation. Of course, not everyone is delighted with the fact of aging for another year. As a rule, people celebrate anniversaries and avoid inviting guests to the scary “33” or “40”, because this is a bad omen. Many decide to live their birthday like a healthy everyday life. Their maximum is to buy a cake for the family or drink a glass of wine at work.

But why do we so rarely ask ourselves why and why do we even celebration birthday?

A bit of history: Ancient world, church and ritual

Pharaohs have always been considered children of the gods, and the day they were born became almost a public holiday. Everyone in ancient Egypt brought gifts to Pharaoh and wished him long years of life. Later, the ancient Greeks decided to honor their gods. They sacrificed to the inhabitants of Olympus – the best cows, goats, bulls – to honor the memory of goddesses and gods. For example, the priests of Aphrodite sacrificed the best catch on their goddess’s birthday, throwing it into the seafoam. And the fans in the first spring days gave Aida’s wife flowers, rare vegetables and fruits to rejoice at her presence among mortals. The tradition of worshiping the gods fell in love with the Greeks. They decided to celebration birthday of the heads of the clan – grandfathers, fathers and sons.

The fact that we bake cakes and buy cakes for our birthday blow out candles and make a wish, the Germans made a ritual. The peasants woke the children up early in the morning. They gave a birthday cake with candles, which he was supposed to blow out in the evening, before dinner. This made it possible to make a wish and prepare for the arrival of guests.

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The church forbade birthday celebrations. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that the younger a person, the fewer sins he committed. Accordingly, the celebration of the extra year of life speaks of the celebration of even more sins. According to the clergy of that time, the wounded souls originally came in a sinful way to the earth. The main thing to expect and for which to be grateful to God is the death of the physical shell because you can get to heaven faster. Or to hell.

The revival has changed the attitude towards the birthday. The birth of a new man spoke of the blessing of God and the birth of another soul.

How does the church feel about celebrating a birthday now?

In today’s world, people’s attitudes toward the church and keeping the commandments have changed a bit. At best, 50% of people listen to the opinion of the clergy.

Birthday is a big celebration because you were born, God blessed your birth, and you are called to fulfill your destiny.

The church says that a birthday is a big celebration because you were born, God blessed your birth, and you are called to fulfill your destiny. You need to celebrate this day in the way that suits you best – in the family circle, close people who wish you happiness and joy from a pure heart. To get drunk, to commit adultery is not necessary and impossible, because this is how you destroy your soul.

Priests say that a birthday is a special holiday. Everyone remembers when he came to earth and how much he managed to do. Each new year is a testament to your success in life.

This is a test of the strength of your spirit. Try to improve your spiritual life at times to compare yourself with the one year younger woman to see positive changes.

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Why do you need birthdays

For children, birthdays are essential as an element of childhood. This is something that will never come again. That which remains in memory for a lifetime. Guests, games, cake, desires, smiling people, and a pleasant atmosphere will be kept in mind. Parents can give their children a holiday, see their shining eyes and feel like the best dad and mom.

Adults, deep down, expect a repeat of that beautiful holiday. They can deny, refuse to celebrate and invite guests, but unconsciously expect surprises and gifts. Girls expect from their boys something “such” that breathtaking. If, once the expectations did not come true, in the future, they are disappointed and cease to believe in miracles.

Men, no matter how to swagger, also remain children. Believe me. They also want a holiday and a good mood. To make them scurry around, give them pleasant little things and say kind words, especially if they feel inferior in real life.

And how important this holiday is for our grandparents! On the one hand, the understanding that old age is very close, and no one knows how many more years are left to live. On the other – the realization that this year has passed, and this dealt with. Relatives came to visit, congratulated, remembered about your existence. And if children and grandchildren live far away, their arrival and congratulations on this day are the best gifts.

Birthday helps to remember what we are. We live in this world, on this planet, we have people from whom we want to hear the words of congratulations and see them in our home. We have hidden dreams that we would like to realize. And, perhaps, they will come true on their birthday.

Birthday as a way to remember yourself

How often do you pamper yourself? Take your time, go to beauty salons, buy yourself the desired things? Sure, infrequently. Family, household chores, work take up a lot of time. The words “do it,” “do not forget to call this back,” “pick up the child from there” are constantly scrolling in my head. Where can I mention the relaxation in the bathroom or the new honeymoon with my husband?

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And the date of your birth can help you fulfill your dreams. You can always order gifts to relatives, friends and colleagues. It is unnecessary to celebrate this day at home, doing half a day cooking, half a day cleaning and midnight washing dishes. You can go to a restaurant or cafe, dress up in a chic dress, put on the best shoes and feel like a woman. This day reminds a woman of her mission – to be joyful, confident and shine like a gem. If you celebrate the day of memory of yourself, beloved, just for show, you can not feel the atmosphere of this beautiful day.

Try to make a list of the most valuable people you would like to see on your holiday. There will not be many. Spend a day with them or with your loved one. Remember the best moments of the past year. Decide on the goals for the next.

The time you spend on your birthday will pay off at times. After all, you spend it on yourself.

Why a woman should not forget about herself

Every day brings us new experiences and experiences. Even if we do not see the result, it is. But in the cycle of life, its obstacles and trials, it is hard enough to understand what you need to pay attention to. Since a woman maintains family comfort and is a source of energy for herself, her husband, and children, she must give others bright, pure emotions. On your birthday, your main task is to get enough benevolent and tender feelings, to realize what is pleasant and what needs to be changed.

Shine, please the Universe with your presence and may the whole world bless you for beautiful changes in life!